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Bangla Koster Love SMS | Koster Kobita Bangla SMS

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Bangla Koster Love SMS

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Akasher tarara bole tumi amar chile. 
Rater adhar bole tumi amar chile. 
Diner surjo bole tumi amar chile. 
Ami boli tumi amar chilena. 
Sudhu amar sate ovinoy korecho.

rekhe gele nokher achor buker ase pase,
rekhe jaoa onek kotha mone joma ache,
rekhe gele ador belay kache churi,
rekhe jaoa agune aj ami ekai puri,
amar sathe gumiye thakar kore diye ete,
jabar somoy rekhe gelo onek gulo srity.

tumi bolechile prithibir sob bodle geleo bodlabe na tumi,
se kotha bokar moto bissash kore chilam ami,
aj prothibi thik e ache, kintu bodle gecho tumi,

Nive Gelo Alo. Neme Elo Rat. 
Sob Kichu Hariye Sunno Amar Hat. 
Jibon Amr Hariye Jay Bar Bar Bedonar Jole.
Taito ami ekai hati kosto guloke songi kore.

Keno Tui Emon Korli ? Olpo Dine Vule Geli.
Keno Tui Pashan Holi ? Valobashe Dure Geli.
Keno Tui Emon holi ? Kache ese Hariye Geli.

Valo lage tomar dustomi, kintu oviman noy.
valo lage tomar hasi, kintu kanna noy.
valo lage nijer kosto, kinto tomar kosto noy. 

Valobashar ek Nam Shopno” 
Shopner ek Nam Asha” 
Ashar ek Nam Opekkha” 
Opekkhar ek Nam Harano” 
Haranor ek Nam Kosto” 
koster ek Nam Moron” R ‘ Atai Amar Jibon…!!

Buker vetor Koto kotha
Jay na bola Kono kotha.
Eka eka nirob rat e.
Bristy jhore ojhorete
Artonade mon kade.

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