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Bangla Love SMS Collection For Girlfriend

Bangla Love SMS Collection For Girlfriend: Are you looking for Love SMS for your girlfriend? Don’t worry. You’re in the right place. In this website we are publishing a huge SMS, Quotes, Wishes, Saying, Greeting for you. In this article, we are sharing new trending topics about Bangla Love SMS For Girlfriend“. We hope that you will live our collection. People are now busy with their various work, but you have a life. To keep your life happy and peaceful, some text can make you so Happy. For your needs, we are collecting various kinds of SMS and Quotes for your Friends, Parents, Teacher, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Lover etc. 

Bangla Love SMS For Girlfriend

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Mon Diye Mon Neya Tar Nam Valobasha.
Hridoy Diye Hridoy Neya Tar Nam Kache Asa.
Asha Diye Puron Kora Tar Nam Vorosha.
Kache Ese Abar Dure Jawa Tar Nam Ki Bolte paro ???

Ek prothibite ceyechi tomake,
ek sagor valobasha royeche ei buke,
jodi kache aste dao, jodi valobashte dao,
ek jonom noy lokkho jonom valobasbo tomay.

Jar rag beshi se nirobe onek valobaste jane,
je nirobe valobaste jane tar valobashar ghovirota beshi,
ar jar valobashar govirota beshi tar kosto O onek beshi.



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